With the promise of our first heavy snowfall in the forecast, I was excited to try my hand at some snowflake photos for today’s 365 Project entry. The flurries began shortly after we woke this morning, but the snowflakes were falling in large, jumbled clumps on the porch. I figured, “What the heck, I might as well practice,” and took my camera out on the porch to see what I could get. I wasn’t happy with the results, but figured I would post one of the photos anyway.

When the flurries subsided, I kept playing around with my camera, trying out different lenses, taking random shots while Steven and I waited for the next load of laundry to finish while watching episodes of Rescue Me. I love my camera. I love the heft of it in my hand. I love the distinct snap of the shutter when I take a photo. I love seeing the moments that I capture frozen in time.

As I snapped a dozen different photos, I caught one of Cadence that I decided to add to today’s 365 Project entry. She had walked over to the TV, and ever so gingerly placed her finger on the corner of the screen. Anticipating her Daddy’s order of “No touch!” she turned to look at him. I caught her, mid-glance, and I love her expression.

So, for today’s 365 Project, I’m posting two photos in honor of our first real snowfall of 2011, and my daughter’s clever defiance.



  1. >Amazing details in the snowflake – how does your eye do that? The way you capture the eyes in photos is amazing too! You have a remarkable talent lady!

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