Damn good coffee! And hot!” – Special Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks.

I always loved the smell of brewing coffee. As a little girl I remember taking a sip from my Mom’s cup one morning, then promptly spitting the hot liquid in the sink. Somehow, the delicous aroma just didn’t quite match the bitter, watery flavor, and I wondered why anyone would voluntarily drink such nasty stuff.

It wasn’t until I went to college that I began to develop a taste for coffee. Most days, the thick, black coffee brewed in the dining hall resembled motor oil, but I quickly learned how to cut the bitterness with splashes of cream and packets of sugar. I began experimenting with different flavors and roasts, purchasing cups of coffee wherever I went–restaurants, diners, gas stations, coffee houses. Much to my surprise, I found that I was enjoying the taste of coffee–real, unaltered, unsweetened coffee. I was hooked.

I love coffee (and I’m talking real coffee, not that mochaccino, machiatto frappuccino imposter stuff). I love the smell of coffee as it brews. I love the taste of coffee. I love the warmth of the mug in my hand. I love the way a good cup of coffee can perfectly accompany almost any situation the way it brings people together. It is served at weddings and funerals, recovery meetings and bible studies, breakfast tables and late night diners. People meet for coffee to make up, to break up, and to wake up. Whether you’re cramming for a test, traveling a great distance, or catching up with an old friend, there is nothing like a good, hot cup of coffee.

Today’s 365 Project Entry is dedicated to my addiction. Mmmm…coffee!



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  1. >I drink coffee but I don't like coffee, I like the stuff you put in it! The milk or half and half, the sugar or creamer…I'm ready to admit it to the world now. Hello my name is Zulay and I'm a faux coffee lover!

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