I love television, and before you go all judgemental on me and start ranting about how television is the root of all evil and poisoning the minds of our youth, allow me to explain.

I’ve never been what you could call a couch potato. As a child, I enjoyed watching cartoons. I loved Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, and Loony Tunes. I watched G.I. Joe, The Real Ghostbusters, and Jem. And yet, if you add it all up, I spent at least three times as many hours playing outside with my friends or reading books than I ever did watching TV.

As I got older, my TV habits matured, and while I still enjoy the occasional cartoon, I tend to gravitate these days toward shows that require me to use a bit more of my brain. I love Gilmore Girls for its frequent literary and pop culture allusions. I enjoy X-Files’ appreciation of the paranormal, and the way it urged the viewing audience to seek the truth. Twin Peaks and Lost–my two favorite shows of all time–blend different philosophical, psychological, and religious ideas with literary and cultural themes. They are shows I can watch over and over again because I see something and discover something new every time. I love that.

Now, there are many people who argue that television is evil, that is is rotting our brains and turning our children into flabby, unimaginative lumps on the sofa. These are the same people who might argue that violent television causes people to be violent. I have to say, I do not agree with this logic. Television can only rot your brain and make you flabby if you do not have a life outside of it. Violent television can only incite violence if you do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality. And if that is the issue, then it is a personal one. Don’t go blaming television for your problems. Own up and take responsibility for your own actions (or inaction).

In the end, television is entertainment, and these days, there are hundreds and thousands of channels to do just that. Whether you want to leave your brain at the door and watch the train wreck that is The Jersey Shore, cheer on your favorite celebrity on a show like Dancing With the Stars, or get hooked on a gritty homage to the post 9/11 FDNY in a drama like Rescue Me, there is something on the tube for everyone.

Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to the shows I enjoy relaxing and watching with my hubby. Thanks for the entertainment.


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