Before finally deciding to have dinner at a Red Robin restaurant, I knew nothing about place, other than the fact that they had some really lame commercials.

“Red Robin…Yummm!”

That little ditty can get seriously stuck in your head if you’re not careful, and it’s just the type of annoying little tune that would keep you up at night if it did.

Out running some errands and shopping, Steven and I happened upon a Red Robin in South Lincoln, and decided to give it a try. It was packed, but we still only waited about 5 minutes for a table. It’s definitely a family friendly place. There was at least one child at nearly every table, and the employees inflate an unending supply of helium balloons to give out to the all the kids as they entered the restaurant.

The menu is full of some of your typical restaurant fare–chips and dips, soups and salads, sandwiches and wraps. Red Robin’s claim to fame is the “craveable” gourmet burgers that they have been serving up since they first opened in 1969. Reading through the descriptions in the menu, it certainly seemed like they would have something to satisfy just about every taste. For those wanting some spice, they have the Burnin’ Love Burger–a cayenne seasoned beef patty topped with fried jalapenos, salsa, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo served on a jalapeno-cornmeal Kaiser roll. Or for those looking for something a little sweet and sour, there is the Banzai Burger marinated in teriyaki sauce and topped with grilled pineapple, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Reading through the menu, it was tough to decide which one I wanted try. Then, I saw the Royal Red Robin Burger, and the debate was over. A juicy, medium rare, all beef hamburger patty topped with crisp applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, fresh shredded lettuce, mayo, and a fried egg.

That’s right. A fried egg.

I never thought I would say that the key to a delicious bacon cheeseburger is a fried egg, but ladies and gentleman, I wonder now how I ever ate a burger without it. Before you scoff, try it yourself. There’s just something about the subtle richness of the egg that enhances the rest of the flavors. Of course, there are probably more calories in that one burger than I need to eat in a week, but hell, you only live once, right? And what good is living if you can’t indulge every now and then?

Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to some delicious burgers that are definitely craveable. Red Robin…Yummm!

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