I love football. I always have. Back in elementary school, I was one of the few girls who would rather play football with the boys on the playground during recess, than to sit in the shade with the rest of the girls taking teen magazine quizzes and making friendship bracelets. I wasn’t one of those girls who would ever actually try out to play on the football team–I just had fun tossing the ball around, and I always loved watching the game.

Living in the Midwest, Friday night football games are always played in front of a screaming, sell-out crowd. I enjoyed my place in the drumline, playing upbeat pep band tunes and marching in the field show at half-time. When you’re born and raised in Nebraska, football is just part of your genetic code (and if it’s not, you’re considered something of a freakish anomoly).

There’s something about watching a well-orchestrated offensive play unfold. There’s something about the crack and thud of helmets and pads colliding on the field. There’s something about seeing a member of your team running toward the end zone so fast you’d swear he was flying. There’s just something about football.

While my absolute favorite team to watch has been and will always be the Nebraska Cornhuskers, I have to say that tied for second place are my brothers’ teams. While living in Arizona, we were lucky enough to get to see Beau, Eddie, Tanner, and Kolter all play. Steven even helped coach and keep stats for Beau’s pop warner team.

I was lucky enough to schedule my visit to AZ this week just in time for Beau’s first playoff game, and tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to the Florence Gophers Junior High football team. They played their hearts out on the field tonight. Unfortunately, they fell just a little short of a victory. Chin up boys! You should be proud of your effort tonight, and of your great season. Better luck next year!

Beau (#25) making a good run and leaping for extra yards.


Beau and Mark on the sidelines.
Beau’s first night playing Defensive End. Poor #55 was sore after this tackle.
Heading off at half-time.
Half-time pep talk. We’re only down by 4 boys! Let’s get ’em!
Beau and Oscar pancaking the Quarterback. Ouch!

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