I have a knack for finding mistakes. I don’t ever really go looking for them. They just sort of jump out at me, like big blinking neon signs. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, and so I always pay a little extra attention when it comes to words. Or perhaps it’s because I have spent so many years editing–term papers, websites, articles, advertising copy, etc. I’ll just be reading along, minding my own business, when suddenly my brain hiccups, my eyes stop and focus intently, and my Spidey Sense goes all haywire.

When Steven and I first started dating, he must have thought I was a little bit crazy. I would point out spelling errors in our dinner menus, and grammatical mistakes on subway posters. Hell, I would even spot spelling and punctuation errors in the news ticker running at the bottom of the screen when Steven would turn on Fox News.
After awhile, Steven began to find my obsessive-compulsive editing rather amusing, and he began to join in the fun. I laughed as he began to scrutinize restaurant menus and give random pamphlets (that he would have otherwise ignored had he not married me) a careful once-over looking for errors. Though he insists that he sucks at spelling and grammar, it wasn’t long before Steven began spotting errors on his own and sharing them proudly with me.
Tonight, he found a doozy.
As we wound down the evening, playing with Cadence and looking through books, Steven suddenly sat up.
“What the hell?” he said loudly, pointing to one of the pages, and we both laughed out loud at his discovery.
Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to the writer/editor who missed this one. Thanks for the laugh. I can only wonder how many children you have thoroughly confused.


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