Just when all of us seemed to be getting over this cold, flu, whatever the heck it was that we were sick with, Cadence wakes up with a fever. The next day, the fever was gone, but the dreaded mucus had returned with a vengeance. Her poor little nose is dripping like a broken faucet and yesterday she even coughed so hard that she threw up. Let me tell you how fun it was trying to comfort a crying, vomit-covered toddler while dragging a 40-lb nosy hound dog away from the pile of puke on the floor before she could step in it or, God forbid, try to eat it.

Today was a lazy day of lounging around the house and trying to teach Cadence how to blow her nose. She now knows how to wipe it herself, and doesn’t cry and run away from Steven and I when we try to wipe it, but we’re still working on the blowing part. I grabbed the camera when I saw an enormous bubble beginning to form in her nostril as she ate some spaghetti, but it popped just as I was about to snap the photo.

Today’s 365 Project is dedicated to my sweet sick baby. While I do enjoy all the extra cuddling we’ve been doing these past few days, I sure hope you get to feeling better soon!

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