Somehow, during my house arrest with my sick daughter, spring arrived. We’ve all been waiting patiently for the signs that we’ve left winter behind for good, and today we finally saw them. Not only were we in a Thunderstorm Warning and Tornado Watch for the better part of the day, we took a look outside and saw the very first green blades of grass peeking through the old dead brown.

It has been nice experiencing real seasons again, and now that spring has arrived in Nebraska, I’m beginning to realize just how important seasons are–not just for the farmers and ranchers whose very existence depends on them, but for the rest of us as well. The continual cycle of hibernation and awakening, of death and rebirth, gives us humans the opportunity to recharge our emotional batteries, to heal our wounds, and to reawaken with a fresh perspective and the promise of new beginnings. The continual change in our environment forces us to change as well, and makes it harder to stay in whatever rut we may find ourselves in.

Since Cadence seemed to be feeling well enough for me to actually put her down and step outside for a few photos, I grabbed my camera and headed out into the yard.

While I was taking photos, all I could hear behind me was my daughter’s persistent tapping on the glass patio door. After spending half the day sleeping, sweating, and snotting all over herself, I had already changed Cadence’s shirt three times and was no longer worried about anything matching. I turned to grab a few shots of her as she pressed herself against the glass.
I laughed when I caught her making her new angry monster face, though I think she actually looks a bit more like the freaky kid from the movie The Omen. All of you that are always saying she is so cute, how about that photo, huh? Scary!
Steven even took a break from cleaning up the kitchen to come over for a quick shot with his girl. Love this one of my baby and her Daddy.
Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to the new season and all the new experiences it may bring. I’m ready to hang on and enjoy the ride.


  1. >I dunno, if I met that scary monster face in a dark alley, I might just wet myself! ;)We went through the major fever/snot/coughing stuff just a week or two ago. No fun. Are they calling for snow this weekend near you as well? I'm in disbelief.

  2. >Agreed Cristen!And yes, my hubby just told me we are supposed to get snow! What the heck? Of course it has to happen right after we both put up our spring posts! Haha! I guess we jinxed it.

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