Now that everyone in the Romano household is feeling better and the weather is cooperating and warming up again, it was a perfect day to head to the park after Steven got home from work. These days, Cadence is only happy if she’s walking, so Daddy took her hand and walked her over to the playground.

Our busy climbing girl took a few minutes to try her hand at scaling the slide, but found it too slippery to make it to the top.
She wasn’t disappointed though, because she soon discovered something much more fun–sand. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I was a kid that always enjoyed playing in the dirt–digging holes, making mud pies, digging for worms. It appears that my daughter might enjoy playing in the dirt just as much as her Momma used to.
From my seat on the ground in from of her, I could almost see the wheels turning in her little brain as she let the rocks and sand trickle through her fingers…
“Hmmm…I wonder what this stuff tastes like? Is Daddy gonna catch me before I can take just one quick taste?”
Mmmm…there’s nothing like a handful of dirt on a warm spring afternoon!
Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my little dirt eating girl. Let’s just not make a habit of snacking on the sand okay?

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