Because we moved to Nebraska just before Christmas, we didn’t get a chance to rake up all the leaves before the first snow hit. That meant they were waiting for us when spring finally arrived. Once everything dried up and it got a little warmer outside, we headed out to do some yard work. Rather, Steve headed out to do some raking, and I headed out to chase the kiddo around the yard and take pictures. Personally, I loved the arrangement. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?


Here, Daddy, let me help you unfold this bag.


Of course we have to take a break when we see the big blue ball.


Gotta make sure the perimeter is secure so Electra can’t escape.


Hey, what goes in here?
Come on Daddy, let me help!


And Daddy tosses some leaves right in Cadence’s face.


Thanks, I got it.


I keep thinking my daughter is getting so big, and then I see a picture like this and realize how little she still is!


Hey! I was looking in that!
And nothing else is important once we discover the dirt hole.
Hmmm…what’s this?


Off to check in on Daddy.


Hey! Wait for me!

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