My name is Lori, and I am addicted to Scrabble.

I don’t know how a word lover like me could possibly miss out on this game growing up, but somehow I did. Oh, to think of all the hours I wasted doing other things! Steven first discovered the Words with Friends Scrabble app when he got his new Droid phone and one of his co-workers in Casa Grande talked him into downloading it. Of course, I was intrigued by a game where you scored points for strategically spelling words from randomly selected tiles, so I asked Steven if he would teach me how to play.

He should have resisted, or at least thought twice about teaching his English major, writer wife how to play a word game like Scrabble. I was an instant addict.

At the time, I was still sporting an old Samsung Omnia, so I wasn’t able to download the app for myself. Lucky for me, Steven had an Ipad, so we were able to download the Ipad Scrabble app. It has gotten highly competitive here in the Romano household, and there have been far too many nights where we have stayed up playing Scrabble far later than we should, especially considering our daughter’s unpredictable sleeping habits.

After upgrading to my new Droid phone in December, I was finally able to download the app for myself. With both Steven and my Aunt Jen as my current opponents, I’m like a junkie with an neverending supply of Scrabble to feed my addiction. I guess there are far worse things to be addicted to. And if anyone else has the app and wants to be an enabler, my username is TheTenorchick.

Bring it on.


Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to the fabulous people who brought us Scrabble, and the new Words with Friends app, and to my husband for introducing me to what just might be my favorite game ever. Let’s play!

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