Grandparents are funny. I get such a kick out of watching my parents interact with my daughter, because she’s not yet even 15 months old and she’s already got every single one of them wrapped around her chubby little finger.

Had I been paying closer attention, I might have noticed that my parents were gradually getting more lax the older I got, but instead it just sort of hit me when I saw them interacting with their grandchildren how much they had changed. The rules they enforced so strictly when I was growing up were suddenly nonexistent.

They don’t get after Cadence for climbing on the couch with her shoes on, or dumping every single toy in the basket in a heap on the floor, and then leaving the room without picking any of them up. Suddenly, snacking before dinner is okay and if Cadence signs “more”, they don’t even hesitate to give her whatever her little heart desires. And if Cadence has had a hard time sleeping and falls asleep in the car, they are more than willing to drive around and waste a little gas so she can have a nap.

Steven even jokes about how his house was like a museum growing up. “It was cold, and you weren’t allowed to touch anything.” Yet now when the grandkids show up at Gamma and Pop Pop’s house, there are far fewer limits to their freedom and play.

Funny how grandparents can so effortlessly spoil the grandchildren they adore–but I guess it’s easy when you can just send the little hellions home with their parents at the end of the day.

While we were in Bertrand over Easter, I took a couple shots of Miss Cadence and her Papa Duane and thought they were just too cute not to share. He might try to deny that this little girl has stolen his heart, but I dare say the photos speak for themselves.

Drinking buddies.


My favorite shot! I love that you can see Cadence’s reflection in her Papa’s glasses.


Relaxing with Papa Duane.

Today’s 365 Project is dedicated to those silly grandparents and the grandchildren they expertly spoil. To Cadence’s Gamma and Pop Pop in New York, Pawpoo and Granny in Colorado, Nonna and Poppa in Arizona, and Grandma and Papa in Nebraska. We love you lots!!!

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