Yep, it’s official. We all got sick again. Don’t know exactly what it is or where we got it, but Cadence started running a fever last night and kept us up most of the night just wanting to be held. My scratchy throat turned into a half-clogged nose, an achy body and a low-grade fever. And Steven ended up staying home from work feeling almost as crappy as I am.

I didn’t have much time or energy today to pick up the camera and get a good photo, but I did manage to snap this one when I got out of the shower and saw how Cadence had fallen asleep on her Daddy’s lap…

Of course, as soon as I got down on the floor and started snapping photos, nosy ol’ Electra had to get up and come over to see what I was doing, and managed to wake Cadence up in the process. Cadence rolled off Steven’s lap, and just stayed there for a few moments, looking dazed and rather pathetic.


Luckily, it wasn’t too much later that her fever finally broke. After a bath and a bottle, she was back to her energetic lttle self, running around the living room, clapping along with Mr. Met as we watched a little baseball and climbing up on the couch to see if she could steal the remote or maybe one of our cell phones.


Between passing Cadence back and forth between us, Steven did manage to get a little work done on my website, and I was able to finish up my last article for the June magazines. Four articles written in four days. Not bad if you ask me. But now I am thoroughly exhausted, both physically and mentally, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I might get to spend a little bit of time tomorrow just relaxing and enjoying some time with my daughter.

Today’s 365 Project is dedicated to my sick little family. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a healthier day.

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  1. >Not a great day for you guys! It sounds like Grandma Harriet and Aunt Vinnetta had the same thing. I hope you are all feeling better today! Love you!

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