Call me lazy for not taking a new photo today. It’s been a long week of working on photos and writing assignments and I am just plain tired and need a break. In my defense though, I have a few things that I’ve been wanting to post for awhile now, so I’ll use them as sort of a Free Homework Pass today.

All kids, at one point or another, go through a stage where they are completely embarassed by their parents–whether it’s Mom breaking out the baby photos when her daughter brings home her first boyfriend, or Dad falling off the fashion train and wearing questionable clothing combinations in public. With the invention of camera, video cameras, computers and online social networking sites, kids have more odds than ever to have their parents embarass them publicly. We figured we might as well start Cadence off early, that way it won’t be quite as devastating when she becomes a hormonal adolescent.
First, a video of some of Cadence’s finest dance moves, which are always on display whenever she hears music. Her latest favorite is Dancing with the Stars, and she has some pretty sweet ballroom dancing moves already. My personal favorite though is when she sees Ellen Degeneres dancing on her talk show and joins in to dance along. Yes, I know she is way too close to the TV. But when you have a massive TV and a tiny living room, every seat is too close.
Next, we have a photo that was taken when Cadence and I visited Arizona in February. While I was getting ready for bed and brushing my teeth, Cadence decided to ransack the suitcase. Apparently she thought a pair of my underwear made a nifty hat. Don’t worry, there were only clean clothes in the suitcase since I always keep the dirty clothes separate.
Apparently Cadence has and underwear-for-hats fetish because she likes to raid Steven’s underwear drawer at home too. Here’s a video of her after she managed to snag a pair of his boxers from the bedroom before I could close the door.
For tonight’s 365 Project entry, I give you a photo and two short videos that may well end up being topics of conversation some day should Cadence need to seek therapy being raised by two goofballs like Steven and I. But as you’ve seen here, the goofball personality is obvious genetic. Thanks for the laughs baby girl!

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  1. >LOL!!!First of all, you're so lucky she still lets you watch adult TV 😉 those days are over for us! Her dance moves are stellar! (and ours stands way too close to the tv too.)Second of all – panty raider. HAHAHA. Too cute.

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