“Well, I love those summer days,
Driftin’ on by like a slow parade.
And everything feels fine in the warm sunshine
When your world unwinds,
And ya kick back in your flip-flops,
And ya don’t care about the tick-tock,
And the world is full of music, dreams, and lovers.
There ain’t nothin’ like the summer.”
Carmen Rasmusen

I wasn’t one of the typical kids who loved summer simply because it meant a reprieve from school and studying. I always loved everything about the summer. I love the sunshine, the heat, the lengthened days. I love the fact that the whole world just seems to move a little slower in the summer. I love tall glasses of iced tea, cherry-flavored popsicles and swimming in the neighborhood pool. I love spending long lazy days lying out in the sun reading a book and listening to the radio. I love camping trips with friends, late night campfire talks and catching fish in the lake.

I know it’s not quite summer yet, but the temperatures have been rising here this week. I have to admit I’m getting excited for the summer to arrive. I’m looking forward to days spent in the park, long walks on the bike trail, teaching Cadence how to swim at the pool, and maybe even a camping trip or two.

To take advantage of the beautiful weather today, Cadence and I spent our afternoon playing in the backyard. With the temperature climbing to the 90’s, I stripped her down to her tie-dye onesie and let her roam, snapping photos of her adventures, and I figured I’d post some of my favorites from the day.

Today’s 365 Project is dedicated to my favorite season. There ain’t nothin’ like the summer.

New discoveries every day.
Without fail, we always head right to the dirt hole.


Hmmm…this looks interesting.


You know, if Momma would stop snapping pictures, I’d probably taste this stuff.


What the heck is Electra doing?
Ahhhhhh! Now that’s the life!
And she’s up!
Looking embarrassed that we caught her wallowing in the grass.


Keeping an eye on Electra.


And back to the dirt.


You’re still taking pictures?


Electra taking a bite of the leaf Cadence found, just to make sure it’s not food.

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