Contrary to popular belief (ahem…Momma Dawn), Cadence does not live on a diet of healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains alone. Sure, I tried to hold off on introducing her to sugary sweets as long as possible when she was first starting to eat solid foods, but I have no problem with junk food. Hell, I enjoy the stuff myself, so why would I deprive my daughter? I do try to give Cadence sugary sweets in moderation though, so she will be able to understand that they are a once-in-awhile treat and not an essential food group.

The best part about watching Cadence try new foods is that it’s almost like I get to experience them for the first time all over again. She has no problem letting us know what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and what she wants “Moh! Moh! Moh!” (More! More! More!) of. I have to say, I am developing a whole new appreciation for foods that I never really gave a second thought to–foods like green beans, broccoli, pears, rice cakes, potatoes, and Cheerios.
After a long day roadtripping to Holdrege to spend the afternoon with the family at Grandma Luethje’s visitation, it was nice to sit down with my folks, Uncle Doug and Aunt Vinnetta, and the Bertrand Nebraska Cowboy himself, Jim Bowen, to snack on some cheese, crackers and summer sausage. Always such a good eater, Cadence packed away a good amount of steamed broccoli, cheese and crackers, so when Uncle Doug busted out an ice cream sandwich for dessert, I was game to let her give it a try.
Cadence has only recently developed a liking for ice cream, after Steven and I shared a few bites of the ice cream we bought at the UNL Dairy Store. It’s pretty clear now though, that ice cream sandwiches are near the top of her List of Favorites.
Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to those delicious ice cream sandwiches. Watching Cadence share one with her Great Uncle Doug totally made my night!

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