So, it has been a week since our lawn mower broke, and it was almost a week before that when Steven last mowed. With all the rain we’ve been getting recently, our yard is beginning to look a bit like the Amazon rain forest. I’m sure our neighbors are wondering what the heck is going on over here. and I have to admit, after the events that have taken place this past week, Steven and I are starting to wonder the same thing.

If you’ve read a few of my other recent posts, you are likely aware that we have a bit of a rabbit problem. Well, at first, it was just Electra that was having a rabbit problem. They hop through the yard, just fast enough that she can’t keep up with them, even sunning themselves in the grass just a few feet from the bottom of the patio stairs when they know she is sitting inside looking out the window. But, when Momma Rabbit decided to give birth in our basement window well and Electra chased a rabbit through the fence and gave it a heart attack, Steven and I suddenly had a rabbit problem of our own.

We were just trying to go with the flow with all the craziness. That is, until the dead rabbit disappeared, and another one (or perhaps even the same one if you believe Steven’s theory that our yard is the Pet Sematary) dug a hole and is apparently building herself a nice cozy nest less than five feet from our patio door. Should the new part for the lawnmower not arrive tomorrow so Steven can get it fixed and finally tame the wilderness, we might be faced with yet another litter of rabbits that we have to keep our overly anxious hound from trying to adopt and raise as her own.

There’s just never a dull day here in Romanoville.

Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to our yard, the Wild Kingdom. Anyone want to start placing bets on what we find next?

Enter at your own risk.
Hot on the trail.


It begins again. Gotta give the rabbits credit for their persistence.

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