Since she first discovered dirt, Cadence has been obsessed. The only thing that trumps it is when she gets to play in the sand. Just last week, she had a meltdown in the Child Watch Center at the YMCA because it was starting to get stormy outside and the chaperones had to tear her away from the sandbox to bring her inside. So today was an extra special day when Cadence’s godmother dropped off her Easter gift.

Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to Cadence’s very own sandbox, and the hours of fun that await. Thanks to Tamatha, Scott and Katie for making this little girl’s day!

In the backyard, waiting for our favorite Tamatha to arrive.


Cadence telling Tamatha “More! More! More sand!”
What do we have here?
Two pretty girls in the sandbox.


Nothing better than burying your toes in the sand.


Deep in conversation.
The chaperone, keeping an eye on things.

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