I’ve got to say it–I think we share our home with the coolest dog in the world. She’s sweet, mellow, patient, playful, loyal, and best of all, she’s great with Cadence. She even tolerates us putting hats and sunglasses on her, as long as she’s allowed to sit in someone’s lap and snuggle.

In spite of the unfortunate incident resulting in the untimely death of one of her rabbit friends, Electra still likes to stalk the rabbits that frequent our yard. When I let her outside with two rabbits in the yard, I grabbed my camera phone and started recording, waiting for her to make her move and give chase.
Watching this video, it’s almost hard to believe she killed the other rabbit by chasing it and giving it a heart attack. But maybe this is just proof that she’s learned her lesson and knows that the rabbits can’t handle playing rough. Just more proof that our dog has a big ol’ heart in that big ol’ chest of hers.
Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to our sweet Electra. With a face like this, how can you resist her?

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