It’s interesting how quickly children learn, how quickly they figure out the world and begin to show their little personalities. Cadence is not even 17 months old and already she’s starting to show us her independence, her stubborn streak, and a very distinct practical joker personality.

Lately, we’ve been getting a kick out of the way she tries to hijack the TV remotes and my laptop the minute we have our backs turned. Then, if we happen to return and catch her red handed, she either starts showing off some of her latest dance moves or puckers up to give us kisses to try and distract us with her cuteness.

Earlier this evening while Steven was throwing chicken on the grill and I was busy in the kitchen, our little joker made off with the remote for the Blu-Ray player and managed to hide it so well that it took us almost two hours to find it. Somehow, she managed to stash it behind one of the little doors of the antique kitchen cupboard we are currently using as a TV stand in the living room.

Of course, it was driving Steven crazy that he couldn’t find it, and everytime he asked, “Cadence, where is the remote?” she just stared at him and alternated between giving him her best innocent poker face and showing him the Yeah-I’m-guilty-but-I’ll-never-tell face.

But even with all the hidden remote hilarity going on, the highlight of the evening was definitely Cadence’s attempted jailbreak. She has been tall enough to reach the screen door handle for several weeks now, so we’ve been keeping the deadbolt locked whenever we have the door open. After she saw her Daddy head outside to grill the chicken, she saw her chance and opened the door to follow. Steven hollered at her to get back inside and close the door, and she hollered back, “Nada! Nada!” before stepping back inside and letting the door slam. She apparently thought Steven’s reaction was so deliciously funny that she had to do it again and again and again until the chicken was finally done and Steven chased her back inside and closed the door.
Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to our little con artist. Like we tell her at least a dozen times a day–she’s lucky she’s cute.

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