On Sunday, one of my uncle’s horses got out and my Dad went to help him round it up. When they got the horse cornered, Dad thought he would just hop on and ride it back, even though the horse was only wearing a halter. Long story short, the horse threw him.

At first, in typical Duane fashion, he refused to let my Mom take him to the hospital. Monday morning he woke up in so much pain that he told Mom they better go. He was admitted and x-rays showed three fractured ribs. They doctors gave him morphine for the pain, and luckily all of the other scans of his back and neck were fine.

Mom thought if he was feeling better, he would be released Wednesday, but when she called last night, she said they were keeping him because his oxygen levels were low. Last night, they decided to do another scan to make sure he hadn’t punctured a lung and that there were no blood clots. Luckily, the tests came back okay. Unfortunately, they still couldn’t keep his oxygen levels where they were supposed to be.

Mom called today that he was being flown to another hospital because they still weren’t able to get his oxygen levels up. She said Dad did really well on the flight over and that for now, he seems to be resting comfortably in the ICU. He is hooked up to a C-pap machine, and that seems to be helping his oxygen levels. They are not back to normal yet, but they are much closer.

So, it has been a long week, but hopefully Duane is finally on the mend. Of course, we are soliciting as many prayers and positive thoughts as we can, so if you feel so inclined, we would greatly appreciate them

Tonight’s 365 Project is dedicated to my Dad, Duane. I pulled a few of my favorite photos of him for tonight’s blog post. Here’s hoping he starts feeling better very soon!

Duane riding bareback – 1963 – He was a little better at it back then.
Mom and Dad on their wedding day. Is it just me, or does Duane look like he’s 12?
Duane and me – 1980 – Yeah, he’s sporting a mean ‘fro.


Duane and Pawpoo Shawn – NY graduation trip 2003


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