When I first decided to take my photography and go into business, I wasn’t sure that I ever wanted to shoot weddings. It just seemed like such an enormous job, and an enormous amount of pressure. Plus, I wasn’t sure that I would feel comfortable taking on a wedding when I had absolutely no prior experience shooting one. But, when I asked to shoot Andy and Henny’s small backyard wedding, I jumped at the chance. Not only are they good family friends, but I also knew that it would be a small, laidback affair. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get some practice and to see if I might want to add weddings to my professional portfolio.

Now, I know that future weddings are not guaranteed to be as much fun to shoot as this one was, but I have to say, after spending the day with this gorgeous bride and groom, I’d be willing to give professional wedding photography some serious consideration.

After spending the day uploading the photos I shot at the wedding, I had to pull this shot to share for today’s 365 Project post. Here’s to Andy and Henny, and a long happy life together!

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