Steven and I have often joked that we would like to make a poster called The Many Faces of Electra. Essentially, it would just have photo after photo of our hound dog’s droopy face to illustrate each different emotion, for it doesn’t matter whether she is happy, sad, excited, irritated, tired, or angry, her expression is always the same and it looks something like this…

In spite of her stoicism, we have noticed a change in Electra the past few days. Our sad-looking hound seems just a little sadder than usual. Tonight, she even let her dinnertime come and go without a fuss, not even coming over to beg until almost two hours after her normal feeding time. It was then that we decided Electra must really be missing her new friends, Izzy and Mojo.

When we decided to go visit my birthfather Shawn and family for the 4th of July weekend, he told us right away to bring Electra along. We’ve never worried about Electra getting along with other dogs. She never really pays them much attention. She might give a new dog a brief, obligatory sniff, but that’s about the extent of her interest before she’s off again, following her nose wherever a good scent will take her. Papa Shawn wasn’t worried about Izzy, their mellow, middle age Shar Pei/Australian Shepherd mix. It was Mojo, the energetic, 9-month-old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler/Lab that Papa Shawn was sure would be getting on Electra’s nerves.

After the initial frenzied greeting and sniff fest, the three dogs took a couple laps around the yard–Izzy trotting, Electra moseying with her nose to the ground, and Mojo sprinting and nipping at the other dogs as he passed by. All was well, and the three of them seemed to become instant friends. It wasn’t until the last night of our trip though, that we realized how close they had become when we looked down and saw this…

At one point, Izzy was in on the snuggling too, but I only managed to catch Electra and Mojo before they dispersed.

Now that we’re back home, it seems that Electra is missing her new friends. Steven and I didn’t realize it at first, because Electra has just never really paid much attention to or acted like she really cared about any other dogs. This time, though, something is different. Electra actually seems to be downright depressed after leaving her friends.

I don’t blame her though. I know how it feels to have to leave friends and to miss them so much it hurts.  Hell, I’ve got a lot of friends that I’m missing right now. I miss spending time with Betty, seeing her sweet smile and hearing her infectious laugh. I miss having late night talks around the campfire with Tammy. I miss watching 80’s movies and Mystery Science Theater with Howie. I miss cruising and singing along loudly to the radio with Jenny and ACP. I miss making Dr. Nakhai take popsicle breaks when I know she’s working too hard.  I miss bullshitting and quoting movies with Flores. I miss hearing my Roomie Katie laugh and standing next to her and mouthing the words to the hymns in chapel, just so I can listen to her sing. I miss camping out on the trampoline under the summer stars with Tenley and Mandy. I miss hearing Anette curse people out in Swedish when they get on her nerves. I miss all the fun conversations with the non-existent clique (the first rule of the non-existent clique is that we don’t talk about the non-existent clique). I miss the Truman HS English department–the mayhem of the Regents and carpooling to Lehman for class. I miss Lazy Football Sundays with Foerth and Gary and Money, and listening to Foerth get all riled up about everything and nothing. I miss Twin Peaks marathons with Cat, Laura and Sarah, complete with a Box O’ Joe and assortment of Dunkin’ Donuts. I miss celebrating New Year’ s Eve Concordia-style. I miss all this and all these people, and so much and so many more.

Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my sad hound dog who is pining for her friends, and to all of the friends that I love and miss so much. Here’s to you!

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