The fun continues in Casa de Romano today, starting with the van being towed so the mechanic can figure out what the heck is wrong with it…

…followed immediately by Electra having some sort of nervous breakdown. Apparently, seeing the van being taken stressed her out to the point that she started panting, whining, clawing at the front door, and eventually leaping into Cadence’s high chair to get a look out the window.

Crazy hound. Apparently she has some sort of canine anxiety disorder. At least Cadence wasn’t sitting in the high chair when Electra barreled into it, or we might have had a whole new set of problems today.

So, tonight, we are just keeping our fingers crossed that the van is going to pull through with only minor surgery required and that our dog morphs back into her old mellow self when she sees that it is parked safely back in our driveway.

Today’s 365 Project is dedicated to having a dog that is just mentally unstable enough to help you find the humor in an otherwise sucky situation. Thanks for the laugh today, Electra. We needed it.

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