What a day!

It started at 4:30, when I woke to shower and dress and double check my camera bag. By 6:00, my sister Kassie, her fiance Jeremy and I were heading out the door for the first “session” of a 4-part engagement photo shoot. We hit McDonald’s for some quick breakfast and enormous iced coffees to get us going, and then drove up to Freestone Park in Gilbert.

I’ll admit, I’ve been on pins and needles for weeks to shoot my very first engagement session, and I feel so blessed that my sister and future brother-in-law get to be my guinea pigs. Not only are they both super-photogenic, but they are also super fun. We got so many great photos today at both our morning session and the quick evening session we snuck in right before the big dust and rainstorm hit.

Of course, I’m not officially sneak peeking any of the photos yet since I don’t even have a way to properly upload or crop them on my little laptop, but I couldn’t help but share a few of our “outtakes” from the day.

So, here is our Engagement Session Gag Reel.


Luckily this was early on in the session, or Jeremy might have really pushed Kassie off the bridge and into the pond!
His face says it all, and we saw this one a lot today!
I don't even know what I find funnier about this photo--the fact that Jeremy looks like he's levitating, or Kassie's goofball expression and her "jazz hands".
We always knew Jeremy had a big mouth, and not just trash talking during Husker football games.
It was about this time when I thought Jeremy might end up getting pushed into the pond behind him.
Just a little piggy backin' fun.
My absolute favorite from the day. This photo totally sums up their entire relationship. πŸ˜‰


  1. Love the pictures but then again I’m alittle prejudice since its my son and future daughter-in-law pictures you took. They are very good and can’t wait to see the rest!!!!!!!

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