When you’re a Work-at-Home Mom, the whole Bring Your Child to Work Day concept takes on a whole new meaning. In my reality, every day is Bring Your Child to Work Day. My phone interviews are scheduled around my daughter’s naps. She draws or colors in a chair next to mine as I process photos. Sometimes she even sits in my lap as I type up emails and finish stories for deadlines.

Since she’s been born, Cadence has also been on several photo shoots with me. I’m always so proud of how well-behaved my little Energizer Bunny is when she accompanies me. As long as she’s got something to drink and some room to roam, she is perfectly content.

Tonight, as I finished up my sister Kassie and her fiance Jeremy’s 4-part engagement session photo shoot in the desert just outside of Florence, Arizona, little Miss Cadence was happy take a short walk with her Nonna, Poppa, Aunt Jen, Uncle Beau and sweet little 3-legged Roo dog. Of course, I couldn’t help but snap a few shots when my girl and her entourage wandered in near us.

Here a few of the photos I snapped of my busy little girl and her bodyguards.

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my good-natured little girl and all the fun she has with her Momma at work.


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