The big joke in my family is that my sister Kassie basically stalked her now fiance Jeremy and finally wore him down to date and now marry her.  But, whatever the story behind their courtship, spend just 5 minutes with these two and you know for certain they were made for each other.

Now, if I were the betting type, I would bet big money that engagement photos are right up there on most guys’ most-hated lists. In the days leading up to our engagement session, Kassie was harassing Jeremy to come up with fun ideas for their engagement pics.

Jeremy kept saying things like, “How about Kassie holds a football and then I run as fast as I can and tackle her, and you take a picture mid-tackle?”

While a majority of Jeremy’s ideas just didn’t quite pan out, he did come with some really fun things to try. I fell in love with this shot in particular because it just totally fits with the fact that Kassie “chased” Jeremy for so long.

This may not be your traditional engagement photo, but the expression on Kassie’s face = priceless!

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