Rango: Woah! Are you sure you’re fit for duty there, soldier?
Sergeant Turley: What?
Rango: Well, you’ve uh…got a little somethin’ in your eye there.
Sergeant Turley: Oh, that? [pointing to his good eye] That there’s conjunctivitis. It’s hereditary.
Rango: Oh! Well…I’m glad to hear it’s not contagious.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot get Pink Eye from someone farting on your pillow, or from Scott Baio…well, unless Scott Baio has Pink Eye himself and goes out of his way to share his germs with you.

Pink Eye (aka Conjunctivitis) is actually just a swelling and inflammation of the eye membranes caused by anything from viruses, bacteria and even allergies, and unless you actually come face to face with some pink-eyed joker who sticks his finger in his own crusty eye and then rubs it in yours, you are pretty much left guessing where you managed to pick up the nasty little germs in question.

I’ve always had sensitive eyes, which meant my share of eye infections over the years. The biggest culprit was the night I accidentally fell asleep in my contact lenses. When I woke the next morning, they had darn near fused themselves to my eyeballs. I managed to peel them off, but ended up looking like on of the red-eyed zombies from the horror film 28 Days Later for the next week or so.

Yeah, that sucked, but I learned my lesson.

When Steven’s left eye started itching yesterday, we really didn’t think much of it. But by the time he woke this morning, he decided that a trip to the doctor for some antibiotic ointment was definitely in order.

Of course, I made him pose for a few photos first. 🙂 He’s such a good sport!

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my dear husband. Here’s hoping he says goodbye to his Pink Eye soon!


  1. Let’s just say I won’t suggest that you ever wipe your face on a towel that might have been or might be used by another person.

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