So, in theory, the Daylight Savings Time change that occurs every fall should be every human’s dream. I mean, who can argue with an extra hour of sleep, right?


There is no extra hour people. The day did not magically get longer, despite what anyone tells you.

Back when I was single and dogless and childless and pretty much void of any real responsibilities, I think I might have enjoyed Daylight Savings Time. Hell, during my college years, it was an absolute godsend the day the clocks rolled back, allowing me to feel like I was rolling out of bed later to head to my early morning classes, and giving the students that much coveted extra hour to party before Dorm Hours expired.

But now, Daylight Savings is about as enjoyable as a kick in the teeth. See, I have a dog that thinks she needs to eat at 6:00 a.m. on the dot, and the closer it gets to feeding time, the more annoying she gets. She’ll start by snuggling up close to you in the bed.

Aww, that’s nice. What a sweet dog.

You’ll just sigh and roll over and go back to sleep, only to be disturbed again a few moments later as Electra begins nudging your arm with her nose. Mildly annoyed, you turn over, thinking that she’ll be the hint. But the next think you know, there’s a loud thud-THUD as she jumps off the bed.

Tall bed + wood floors + heavy uncoordinated dog = 5.2 magnitude earthquake.

Sometimes Electra will sit at the door and let out a low, gutteral whine. Other times, she’ll saunter into the kitchen, as if she needs to make sure that there is not a spare bit of kibble hiding in the bowl. Moments later, she’ll return, jump back ont the bed, and start the whole show all over again, this time with a little more gusto. Eventually though, her good manners wear off and she just climbs up and stands on your chest. Nothing like waking up to 45 pounds of dead weight on your chest and dog breath in your face.

And no matter how many times we’ve tried to explain it, Electra just doesn’t understand Daylight Savings Time.

And to make matters worse, neither does Cadence. Instead of rising at 8:30 and going to bed at 8:30, Cadence wants to get up at 7:00 and starts warming up for her Miss Overtired Crabby Pants routine before we’ve even finished dinner.

In a nutshell, I’m tired. And I’d like to know just where that extra hour of sleep went.

Daylight Savings Time, you suck.

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