Anyone who knows me well knows that I always go with my gut instincts. The few times in my life that I have chosen to ignore my intution always yielded devastating results. Yeah, let’s just say I learned my lessons.

After moving last December, Steven and I started looking for a new house almost immediately. We knew that it may not be possible to buy right away, especially since we were not going to be able to sell the property in Arizona until the market recovered. But we wanted to be prepared. We wanted to know what was out there, to explore our options, and to see if it might be possible to find a house that felt like home here in Nebraska.

I’m not lying or exaggerating at all when I say we spent the last 11 months looking at hundreds of houses. Hundreds. We covered every neighborhood and scoured listings on real estate websites, Craigslist, and even For Sale By Owner signs. We made lists of things we liked and didn’t like about the properties. We weighed pros and cons. And we grew increasingly frustrated by the fact that we just couldn’t seem to find what we were looking for in any of the homes.

Until this one.

I knew the moment I walked through the front door that this was the home I had been looking for. I loved everything about it–from the location and the large landscaped yard to the undeniable turn of the century charm.  Stepping inside, I had a very distinct vision of myself and my family living and growing there. I could picture us sitting in the living room, having dinner in the dining room, chasing each other around in the yard.

At first, Steven wasn’t so sure. After all, his tastes are much more modern, minimalist. He likes everything to be pristine and shiny and new. A 120-year-old farmhouse is not exactly what he would have chosen as his dream home. It took a little bit of convincing to even get him over to look at the place, but he finally relented, and I was surprised at how well he actually liked it. Suddenly, I wasn’t the only one excitedly talking about where to put the furniture and how the space would be perfect for all of our family and friends to come to visit.

We figured it was worth a shot, and that somehow it would be ours if it was meant to be.

Now, we are two days away from closing. The sold sign is up. Our garage is full of packed boxes. And we’re just waiting to sign on the dotted line and settle into the place that feels like home.

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock…


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