Anyone who has ever been around a toddler for an extended period of time knows that their mood swings are rivaled only by rabid dogs and meth addicts. The little cherubs can go from sweetly smiling to incessant screaming in the time it takes to toast bread.

Think I’m joking?

Today, Cadence woke from her nap as her usual sleep-happy self. She was smiling, dragging her blanket, and ready to snuggle. About three seconds after settling in my lap, she spied her little Fisher Price Corn Popper toy lying on the floor and for some reason she WANTED THE BALLS OUT RIGHT NOW!!!

No amount of sweet talking or explanation or elaborate distraction could change her mind. Hell, we even resorted to offering milk and chocolate, but she was having none of it. Being the wonderful parents that we are, we made sure we got a little video footage to share with all the grandparents who foolishly believe that our dear little Cadence is a perfect angel (and of course to use as blackmail when the adolescent mood swings and dating years begin).

Here, my friends, is proof that no matter how hard you might try, there is just no reasoning with a toddler…

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my sweet (and stubborn) girl. Now to go take a couple of Tylenol and go to bed.

About the Author Lori Romano

I am a writer, photographer, wife, mother, dog owner, half-assed housekeeper and a self-proclaimed coffee and chocolate addict. One day, I will write a book.

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