In the midst of the holiday and home-buying craziness, I forgot to relay what is perhaps the most exciting news of all.

Are you ready?

Wait for it…


Well, the latest one he lost anyway (which by his count would have been #6).

It was a good thing that we were already starting to pack to move, because he tore the house apart looking for the damn thing. He unmade our bed, moved furniture, checked pockets. He took everything out of the dreaded kitchen junk drawer (and then promptly put it all back in when the jumpdrive was nowhere to be found). He even went so far as to accuse Electra of eating it, then in the next breath wondered aloud if maybe one of the prospective tenants that came to tour the house had spied it lying somewhere and stolen it.

After a full week of Steven’s over-zealous jumpdrive paranoia, I was seriously considering sneaking out to buy a new one and stashing it in one of Cadence’s favorite hiding places so I could have my husband back.

Then, last Wednesday morning, I was startled out of my slumber by a shrill, high-pitched giggle. I sat up and grabbed my glasses and saw my husband standing at the end of the bed, half-dressed in the half-light. He held the jumpdrive out in front of him, smiling like a lunatic.

“Look! Look honey! Look what I found!”

I just shook my head.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said. “Where was it?”

“Right here in the pocket of my pants!” Steven giggled. “It must have been here all along! I swear I checked though! I laid my suits out on the bed and checked all the pockets.”

“You are crazy,” I said, putting my glasses back on the nightstand and pulling the covers up over my head. “You better lock that thing in the safe before you lose it again.”

“Yeah, good idea. Oh, it’s gonna be a great Thanksgiving!”

Steven left the room, giggling as he went.

He was right. It was a great Thanksgiving. And it has been a great week since. Thank you, little jumpdrive, for being such a good luck charm. Now stay in that safe where you belong!

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