My goal for 2012 is to keep up with my daily blogging, and if there is one thing I learned from my 2011 365 Project, it’s that some days it is just waaaaaaay harder than others to actually come up with something to write about and a photo to post. I want to take a moment to sincerely apologize to anyone who happened to stumble across my blog on one of really snooze worthy days (and I know there were a few). So, when I decided to try and keep up the daily blogging in 2012, I knew I needed something to help keep me focused.

Then, we moved.

Since 1998, I have moved 14 times. That includes small moves (consisting of a couple of suitcases and boxes from room to room in the Concordia College dorms), and larger moves across the United States requiring large trucks and moving vans. Somehow, with each move, the boxes just kept multiplying…and getting heavier, and I have to admit, after catching a couple episodes of Hoarders on on A&E, I started to think it was probably time to curtail my packrat tendencies and start getting rid of some of the ridiculous things I’ve been holding onto.

Taking inspiration from my good friend Kara’s Trashed 365 blog (click HERE to check it out and see all the stuff she managed to get rid of), I’ve decided that my 2012 daily blog will be devoted to sorting through every last box, bin, bag, and basket full of stuff in this house and either putting it away where it rightfully belongs, or getting rid of the useless and unwanted clutter. Of course, there will probably be a random post here and there when I just have something I wan to say, or some crazy Cadence and Electra adventures to share but, for the most part, I will be devoting 2012 to a personal excavation and decluttering of my life.

I can’t even tell you how excited my anal retentive, clutter-hating husband is about all this.

So, without further ado, let’s begin…

About the Author Lori Romano

I am a writer, photographer, wife, mother, dog owner, half-assed housekeeper and a self-proclaimed coffee and chocolate addict. One day, I will write a book.

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