One of the most exciting things about being a newly engaged couple is beginning to plan your life with your partner. Sure, you’ve had discussions about things like where you want to live and who is in charge of making coffee in the morning and how many kids is too many, but nothing makes your impending nuptials more real than heading out to a store to set up your gift registry.

Ever been in a Bed, Bath and Beyond when an overly excited young couple is given free reign with a barcode scanner? It’s like watching a sudden death laser tag tournament. The best thing you can do is to put on some protective eyewear and hope you make it out alive.

The only thing worse is a pair of new parents-to-be let loose to register in a Babies R Us. If you somehow find yourself standing between a hormonal pregnant woman and the very last designer diaper bag she has been coveting since conception, the best thing to do is just drop to the floor, curl up in the fetal position and pray that she goes for the diaper bag and not your jugular.

Steven and I put quite a bit of thought into our registry when we got engaged. Sure, we had fun running amok with the barcode scanner for the better part of a Saturday afternoon (and for those of you who know Steven, yes, he did pretend that it was a lightsaber), but we also chose our registry items carefully, because we knew that any gifts our family and friends generously gave to us would be things that we would enjoy for years.

One of the items we chose was this awesome set of stainless steel grill accessories.

At the time, all we owned was a cheap little portable gas grill that we bought at the local CVS to use for tailgating at Mets games. We had lofty goals of one day owning a nice, grownup size grill, so we figured a great way to prepare ourselves was to make sure we had some nice accessories.

We ended up getting the accessories as an engagement gift, and a new Traeger wood pellet smoker/grill as a surprise wedding gift.

Woohoo, we hit the jackpot!

Our grill has been well broken in over the years, yet somehow all of our fancy grill accessories got packed away and forgotten during one of our moves, so finding them now was like getting the gift all over again.

Hooray for grilling!

Since we can’t really use the hardcore grill scrubbers on our Traeger, those pieces are going to find a new home via Craigslist or a local online buy/sell/trade group. The rest will be returned to their rightful place alongside our grill, where they will enjoy a long, happy life of barbecuing. Steven is going to look like one sexy beast with these fine pieces of equipment in his hands.

All hail the Grill Master!

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