Steven and I joke around about the fact that we have two anniversaries. A real one and a fake one. Or, rather, a “marriage” anniversary and a “renewal of the vows” anniversary.

Confused? Click HERE if you want to read the whole crazy story.

Except for our actual marriage license, we don’t have any tangible reminders of our pseudo-shotgun wedding. We said “I do”, headed to the Candlelight Inn to celebrate over wings and beer, and went on with life as usual. The Vegas wedding had it all–invitations, guests, gifts, professional photos and even this champagne gift set courtesy of The Venetian.

Our wedding weekend was so hectic, we never even got a chance to crack open our complementary bottle of champagne, and it sat around in our pantry for over two years before we finally decided to pop the cork and mix up some mimosas.

I admit I have a bit of a bottle addiction–not the type that will ever land me in a treatment program, but one that keeps me from just throwing away bottles that are unique or have any sort of sentimental attachment. Some people collect knick knacks to display on shelves or end tables in their homes. I keep glasses and bottles for the same reason. Unfortunately, they usually end up on the top of a cupboard collecting dust.

I ran across our old wedding set today and decided it just might be time to let it go. The glasses are perfectly good, and will find a good new home. The bottle is being officially retired from duty. Thanks for the memories.

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