In spite of having something of a volatile love/hate relationship with food during my adolescence and young adulthood, a good meal and good company have always gone hand in hand. Whether it was grabbing a bite to eat with friends between classes in the college dining hall or gathering around the table to share a holiday meal with family, some of the best times in my life were shared over a plate of food with drink in hand.

During our college years, Steven and I began to mark special occasions and memorable dinners by collecting glasses and bottles. We have everything–from the shot glass Steven used to take his first legal drink on his 21st birthday, to the Applebee’s beer glass commemorating the day our buddy Foerth first made out with a girl. And now that I’ve cleared the jars of random pickled produce out of my glass fronted kitchen cabinets, I have the perfect place to display them. Here are just a few I found so far in my unpacking…

Of course, they’re also good to drink from, and Steven’s annual Superbowl Party Extravaganza is coming up soon.

Unfortunately, Steven’s Planet Hollywood glass did not survive the move. Rest in peace…

And I did end up thinning out the herd just a bit by getting rid of the empty champagne bottle from our wedding. Next to go will likely be the Pepsi and Coke bottles, but since they are just old and cool (kinda like my house), they can stick around a little while longer.

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