As much crap as my husband likes to give me about my book addiction or the organized chaos I like to call a desk, I like to call him out occasionally on his addiction to all things superhero.

All things.

Even the stuff he knows is crap.

Steven’s obsession began in his childhood–reading comics, watching movies like Superman and TV shows like The Incredible Hulk. To this day, he collects comic books, which he buys or receives by subscription in the mail, reads, and then tucks carefully away in sheets of plastic and boxes. He’s got superhero t-shirts and watches and posters and figurines. And each time a new movie is made based on a comic book character, Steven spends months reading about it, watching the trailers and counting down the days ’til he can go watch it in the theater. If a movie is particularly good, he’ll even fork out the money to see it two or three times in a row.

This childlike dedication of Steven’s is one of the things I love most about him.

Sometimes though, I think his appreciation is a little overzealous. Take, for instance, the fact that he collected and held onto these Batman Forever mugs since 1995.

They have been packed and moved and packed and moved and packed and moved, and yet I don’t remember ever seeing Steven actually drink out of them or display them on a shelf. Truth be told, they are really nothing special–a series of McDonald’s collectors mugs for one of the most forgettable movies of 1995. Even Steven admits that Batman Forever is in the running for the worst Batman movie ever made (though the title of worst ever clearly goes to the 1997 shitstorm Batman and Robin). Yet, even if he thought the movie was crap, he still bought the mugs.

And he calls me crazy.

Finally, almost 17 years later, Steven has decided it’s time to let these bad boys go.

Yeah, it’s time.

And if any of you think you just can’t live without these, let us know, because they’re heading to Ebay shortly.

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