My husband Steven and I are what you might call T-shirt People. Sure we enjoy occasionally dressing up for night out or a formal function, but 95% of the time, we would rather just be comfortable hanging out in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

The only problem with that is that we probably have at least 1700 t-shirts between us.

Okay, so maybe 1700 is a bit of an exaggeration, but we do have way too many. In fact, if this was a whole different sort of 365 Project challenge, I might dare myself to wear a different t-shirt every day for a year and take a picture. And I bet I could do it without running short, especially if I unpack some of the boxes of random clothes in the basement.

Thing is, our t-shirt fixation is starting to border on hoarding. We have shirts that are too small, shirts that are too big, shirts that are too ugly, shirts with holes, shirts with stains, shirts with something so offensive on the front that we won’t wear them in public without a sweater or a flannel to cover them. We have band shirts, movie shirts, cartoon character shirts, sports shirts, shirts with quotes on them, shirts from college. Hell, we both even still have shirts from high school hanging in our closets.

Yeah, it’s a sickness.

I’m sure there will be more t-shirts that end up getting weeded out during this excavation project, but I figured that tonight’s contribution was a great way to kick off the Great T-Shirt Purge 2012.

But first, a little history…

One of the things Steven misses most about living in New York is getting together with a group of guys to play in a slow-pitch softball league. They first started playing together in the summer of 2002–Steven, Foerth, Nate, Mike, Mikey, Scott, Money, Dan, Aaron, Paul, Chris, and probably a few that I’m forgetting (give me a break, it’s been 10 years and they say having a kid can suck the brain cells right out of you).

The boys played twice a week through the summer, and even managed to find a local business–The Wine Seller–to sponsor them. They played with heart and gusto, even if they never had a winning season. Hell, they never even really got close. All they really cared about was getting together, having fun, putting away a few beers in the dugout. Truth be told, a season was considered a success if they managed to beat the Eastchester Inn team (a group of younger Concordia College alumni with something to prove), and the Eastchester Fireman team (or as Steven lovingly called them, the Eastchester Fireman B Team–a group of fireman who weren’t good enough to play on the A team that kicked serious softball ass on a statewide level).

Win or lose, it was always fun to watch the boys play.

And, nearly 10 years later, Steven is still wearing his team shirt proudly.

Unfortunately, the years have begun to take their toll…

So, after one last day of wear, Steven decided to lay his old Wine Seller team shirt to rest.

Of course, we couldn’t resist trying it on Electra for one quick photo. I don’t know about you, but I think she would have made one helluva team mascot.

Here’s to the Wine Seller boys! You may not have your t-shirts, but you’ll always have the memories. 🙂

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