Generally, I’m a glass half full kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those Mary Sunshine, the-world-is-flawless-and-absolutely-perfect-place sort of people. That’s just asinine, because we all know that with people like the Lindsay Lohan and the cast of the Jersey Shore running around, the world is far from perfect.

Even so, I like to look on the bright side of things if I can, and I will usually hold onto a thin thread of hope a little longer than most people.

Take this blender for instance.

Steven and I got this Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor as a wedding gift back in 2007. We got some good use out of it–making smoothies and margaritas and grinding up Oreos and walnuts so I could make Oreo Balls and a salmon appetizer spread. I loved it for its versatility, and because it had so many functions. I don’t know if there was really much of a difference between ice crush, blend, chop or grind, but I made sure I tried it all, even pulsing.

I’m pretty sure it was the pulsing that killed it in the end, because one day, mid-smoothie, it up and died on us.

Sad thing is, Steven and I can’t even remember exactly when it died, though we are estimating it was somewhere around mid-2009. And the worst part was that we had to face the hard truth that we were no longer the proud owners of a blender…or a food processor.

Damn these two-in-one appliances! They seem like such a good idea, until they die, and then you are faced with the grim reality of having to replace two (or sometimes even three or four) appliances instead of just one.

The optimist in me held onto this waaaaaaay longer than I should have. I kept thinking that maybe it just overheated and needed to sit for awhile and recuperate. Or maybe it was just a defective model and Cuisinart would recall it. Or maybe I could just contact Cuisinart and let them know that my blender/food processor’s get up and go got up and went and they would reward my perseverence with a shiny new model delivered to my doorstep.

There is a fine line between optimism and delusion, my friends, and I was dancing dangerously on the edge.

In the meantime, we bought a new blender, and I found an old food processor that I’d forgotten I even owned buried in a box. So, after holding onto a broken appliance for over two years, boxing it up and moving it twice, it’s time to say goodbye and let it go.


  1. It’s a sad, sad day when you need to get rid of a loved kitchen appliance. Make sure you give it a proper culinary funeral.

    My deepest regrets for your loss…

  2. Your Dad can identify. He shedded tears yesterday when he took the Cheaten Bastard to Kearney to go the boat grave yard.

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