I’m not even sure exactly when I bought this old phone for my parents.

I know it was a Christmas present, and I know I purchased it while I was living in New York, so it could have been anytime between 1998 and 2007, though I’m leaning more toward 2003ish. When I found it, I figured it would be a perfect addition to my parents’ Husker room because, instead of a regular ring, it played the Cornhusker fight song whenever someone called.

How’s that for classy, huh?

Bad part was, there was a good five second delay for the fight song to actually start playing, which meant every other phone in the house would ring first. The phone also seemed to have only one volume–SCREAMING LOUD–and the fight song didn’t stop until it reached the end, which meant you either had to wait so long that you would risk the caller hanging up, or answer the phone and apologize profusely for any short term hearing loss the caller may suffer as a result.

A couple years ago, when Mom and Dad finally disconnected their home phone service, this little baby found its way back to me. I’m not exactly sure if there are many official rules regarding re-gifting, but I’m pretty sure sure that re-gifting a gift back to the original gifter is generally frowned upon.

Unfortunately, when it comes to anything Husker-related, I have a hard time saying no.

With a new baby in the house, we thought it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to have a home phone that rang louder than an air raid siren, so we packed the phone in a box and forgot we even had it. After finally deciding that it was ludicrous to keep a phone company for a landline we never even use, it’s time for the ol’ Husker Fight Song Phone to find a new home.

Any takers?

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