Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy ironing clothes. There’s just something therapeutic about it, something that makes me slow down and relax and focus completely on the task at hand. Yeah, my contemplation probably has something to do with the fact that I am making sure I pay attention to keep from scorching the clothing, but hey, whatever works right?

I’m also pretty sure that my ironing enjoyment is directly related to the frequency with which I do it. Let’s face it folks, when 95% of your wardrobe is made up of t-shirts and jeans, there’s not a whole lot of ironing that goes on around here.

Now that we upgraded to a steam washer and dryer, we have stopped taking all of our Dry Clean Only clothes to the drycleaner, which means that we’ve had to dig the ol’ iron out and start using it again.

If memory serves, I bought this back in 2003, shortly after graduating from college and moving into my first apartment. I saw it as some sort of rite of passage into adulthood, since the purchase corresponded with me getting my first grown up job and actually having to iron my clothes so I could look presentable in an office setting. Up to that point, I’d either had jobs that were either semi-casual or required uniforms, and I had been able to get by with the old “wash and wear” method.

It worked well enough for a cheap $10 iron, but I think maybe we mistakenly packed it away for the move without making sure that we’d emptied all the water, which Steven was unlucky enough to discover when he went to iron a shirt for work Sunday night. A whole lot of yelling and cursing and two rust-stained dress shirts later, we decided that it just might be time for a replacement.

And Ol’ Rusty here is headed for the trash.


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