I know you’re wondering how much stuff I can possibly dig out of my old jewelry box to post about but, ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t even really gotten to the jewelry yet, now have I?

First up, these friendship bracelets. There was a brief period in my life (sometime between 2nd and 5th grade if I remember correctly), that my friends and I were obsessed with friendship bracelets. We bought handfuls of brightly colored embroidery floss at craft stores and made pretty little bracelets for each other at recess or on the bus rides to and from school. Even now, I have to admit, I sort of dig friendship bracelets, and I can’t wait for Cadence to get old enough so I can teach her how to make them

These, however, are cheap imitation friendship bracelets that came out of one of those little toy vending machines at the supermarket. I stuck a quarter in, hoping for a bouncy ball or a cool temporary tattoo, and this is what I got…


I am not friends with the vending machine, so I will not be wearing the bracelet, thank you.

And speaking of friendship, who didn’t have one of these little babies back in the late 80’s/early 90’s?

Nothing says friendship like a half-heart necklace. My friend Mandy had the BE FRI half, and I wore this. I think part of me hoped that it might keep us from growing apart after my family moved away from Bird City, Kansas, but that’s just sort of the way thing happen when you suddenly move hundreds and hundreds of miles away from your best childhood friend.

But hey, even if neither of us still wears the necklace, at least we can keep in touch on Facebook!

And since we’re on the subject of necklaces, here are a few of the greatest hits from my childhood.

Funny thing is, I’m not much of a necklace girl really. Yet somehow, I managed to acquire all of these. A couple were gifts, a couple were weird impulse buys while on family vacations or school trips, and there are at least two that I do not recognize and have no idea how they even ended up in my jewelry box in the first place. Since I haven’t worn any of them since the early 90’s, and since I’m not likely to ever wear them again, it’s time to say goodbye.

Same goes for these rings…

Other than my engagement ring and wedding band, I’m not much of a ring girl. I do like a thumb ring, but I’m super picky. I had one that I bought on a trip to Turkey that I loved, but I lost it at some point during college. Since then, I’ve been trying to find a replacement but, alas, I haven’t had much luck. So, since these are neither engagement/wedding bands or thumb rings, and since I really have no intention of ever wearing any of them again, it’s time to go.

And, last but not least, let’s talk about ID bracelets…

Seriously? Who lived through the 90’s without having at least one of these? Not me!

Ignore the little fake pearl number in the middle of the group. That was just a cheap accessory I bought one year for prom. The rest were chains and ID bracelets that I either bought, or that were given to me as gifts over the years.  Too bad they went out of style before I graduated high school. Of course, I have to hold onto the one that Scott, Tammy and Katie gave me. The rest? History.

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