When I was a child, toys were not terribly elaborate. I kept it pretty simple. I had Barbies and My Little Ponies and Care Bears. I think my transformers were about as high tech as it got. Hell, even my first video games look downright childish compared to the games kids are playing these days. Poor ol’ Mario wouldn’t stand a chance against the bad boys from the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game…

Crazy how quickly things evolve.

When I wasn’t outside playing hide and seek or riding bikes with my friends, I remember spending a lot of hours playing with my little Fisher Price Magic Burner Kitchen set…

My sister and I had a ton of accessories–everything from the plates, cups and utensils to the pots, pans and assorted food items. I still remember filling the little orange pitcher with water and drinking it from the little yellow cups, and I loved eating my snacks off the little plates. I loved pretending that I was some sort of brilliant chef creating amazingly delicious meals and dazzling everyone who ate them.

It’s amazing where a little imagination will take you, and all the memories from my childhood came flooding back when I pulled my old kitchen toys out of one of the boxes in the basement.

While the old stove was a little stained and beat up, most of the old plastic accessories were still in really good shape. I washed everything thoroughly, and decided that, while the little magic stove will probably be finding a new home, Cadence would probably enjoy having some of the other accessories for the kitchen set she got for Christmas.

I have chosen…wisely.

Cadence’s kitchen is a kid’s gourmet dream next to my little Fisher Price cook stove, but she’s already having as much fun playing with her new accessories as I used to. She heads straight to her kitchen every morning when she wakes up, pulling plastic apples and cupcakes from the fridge and pretending to eat them while I get her real breakfast ready. And her new favorite thing is eating with her little plates and utensils and drinking “wah-wah” out of her little plastic cups. The best though, is when she stirs up crazy concoctions of plastic foods in her little saucepan and then brings them to Steven and I for a bite.

Best bite ever. Every time. What can I say? She’s a natural.

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