There are two types of college students when it comes to drinking…

1. Those want it cheap, and don’t give a crap what it tastes like, and

2. Those who try to pretend that they imbibe for loftier reasons than just getting drunk.

The groups are really pretty easy to tell apart.

The kids who don’t give a crap will bring home whatever type of alcohol will give them the most bang for their buck–a 30-pack of Natural Light, a box of Franzia Wine, or a bottle of Everclear. Really, it comes down to whatever is on sale at the local liquor store that day.

The other group is made up of students who still hold onto some sort of naive notion that drinking is some sort of sophisticated social activity, and that entrance into an elite club can be obtained only by refining the palatte with complicated mixed drinks and expensive wines. Unfortunately, most college students don’t have enough extra money lying around to realy go crazy buying all the ingredients and accessories necessary to set up a full bar in their dorm rooms. So, instead, they usually pick a handful of the simpler concoctions that they can mix without breaking the budget and still impress their friends.

If I had to classify myself, I probably fell somewhere in the middle, though slightly on the loftier side. I never had much of a taste for beer, so picking up a cheap 30-pack was out of the question, and I tended to enjoy (and feel better the morning after) when I actually drank decent quality liquor. But after a visit to a little place called Bond St in Manhattan one afternoon to meet up with a friend for sushi and martinis, I suddenly developed a bit of a crush on more sophisticated drinks.

At some point, I purchased a couple of books, hoping that they might help me recreate some delicious drinks at home…

Unfortunately, my drinking career fizzled out before it really even got started. With the exception of my sophomore year of college, I’ve actually gotten the reputation of always being the best person to ask to be the designated driver.

While I do enjoy the occassional drink, I have little use left for either of these books when there are literally hundreds of amazing drink recipes available online. So, it’s time to bid these books adieu. I trust they will find a happier home with someone who actually has a fully stocked bar.

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