Long before I was a professional photographer, I was a photo fiend. I’ve always loved photographs. My own. Other people’s. Simple snapshots or gallery worthy. I love holding them, flipping through them, looking at them, studying them, trying to imagine the moments that led up to the one frozen in time, and trying to imagine the moments that came after.

Today, as I headed down to the cellar to see what new treasures I could find and dig through, I came across this dusty old bag…

I don’t remember exactly where the bag came from (could have been one I picked up somewhere, or maybe it was Mom’s), but I had no idea what was in it. Mom brought it to the house several weeks ago, along with the stack of bins and boxes from her basement. Since then, it has been sitting in our basement, quietly waiting its turn. And here’s what I found inside…

I thumbed through the contents of a few of the envelopes, finding all sorts of old photos in no particular order. Knowing that we have several boxes and bins of photos that we have been meaning to get in some sort of order for several years now, I decided it was probably wiser to tackle the project when I was properly prepared. And prepared means finding the photo boxes we purchased nearly four years ago at Ikea, but have still never used.

Brace yourselves, people. Tomorrow, the Great Photo Organizing Extravaganza begins. Until then, I’ll leave you with this…

Proof that, at one time, I was both cute and willing to wear a dress. 😉 Tune in tomorrow to see what else I dig up.


  1. I love photos. They capture a moment objectively and leave it for you to decide what was happening at that moment. Also, they capture some moments that probably should have been forgotten. Those are the best ones.

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