One of the drawbacks of taking your love of photography and turning it into a career is that, oftentimes, your own family photo album begins to suffer. So much time and energy is spent capturing other people’s memories, that somehow you begin to miss out on your own.

I tried overcome this problem by participating in a 365 Project on this blog, and I completed my first 365 Project in 2011. I have to say, I enjoyed it so much I decided to keep the daily blogging going in 2012.

I also decided to to join in a 12-12-12 Project with some of my best photographer friends. See, I have the pleasure of being part of a member of an online group of phenomenal female photographers. Like me, they are moms and wives and business owners, trying to find a way to balance it all and enjoy the beauty in the chaos. As a way to support and encourage each other to enjoy the beauty in what might appear to be a mundane everyday life, we are launched our own 12-12-12 Project in January.

So, what is a 12-12-12 Project?

12 photos posted on the 12th day of all 12 months of the year (and it just so happens that it is 2012). The photos are supposed to reflect us, our lives, our stories.

I just posted my March Edition today over on my StoriTyme Photos blog. Why don’t you head on over and check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

StoriTyme Photos 12-12-12 Project March Edition


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