So today officially began the Easter preparations in the Romano household. Yeah, nothing like waiting until the last minute. But, with Cadence being just 2, we figured we would hold out as long as possible to take full advantage of her short attention span.

Boy are we glad we did.

From the minute we first told her about the Easter Bunny coming to our house to hide eggs, we’ve heard nothing else.

“Bunny. Bunny! Hide eggs. Bunny! He’s here! Bunny hide eggs. He’s here!!!”

Over and over, all day long like a broken record.

She managed to do about 175 laps of the house, both inside and out, searching high and low for Mr. Easter Bunny, waffling back and forth between feverish excitement and absolute terror.

She doesn’t quite know what to think about Mr. Easter Bunny. Can’t say I blame her. I’m not sure how well I explained that we were dying eggs today and that Mr. Bunny was going to come while she slept and hide them in the yard so that she could go find them in the morning. I guess maybe I should have explained that Mr. Bunny is welcome in the house, and that his nocturnal raid of our refrigerator is all in fun and not really breaking and entering with malicious intent.

Hmm…maybe that explains why she’s already woken up twice tonight from nightmares.

Boy oh boy, just wait until we remind her about Santa Claus this year.

So, for tonight, I’ll leave you with just a small teaser of the photos I took of our egg-dyeing extravaganza today. Tune in tomorrow for a whole lot more Easter-y fun!

Happy Easter everyone! 🙂

Cadence and Momma testing the camera set-up
Electra making sure she steps in each bowl and sniffs every nook and cranny before we begin
Family photo op...Electra is MIA and Cadence is trying to run away. Isn't that always how it goes?
Who needs a little wire thingy when you've got two perfectly good hands?
Our little artist wants to mix the colors
Electra returns when she gets a whiff of eggs. Her favorite. One taste of the vinegar water and she thought better of it.
"Hey look Daddy! I don't think this one is cracked yet."
GASP! Bunny! He's here!
Our eggs look pretty darn good if you ask me. And I think we have at least 5 that are still intact.


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