Just had to post a few more to finish up the set. We’ve got the egg-dyeing festivities…

Cadence and Daddy making goofy faces…

A try at a family photo. But, oh wait, where’s Electra?

And here’s what happens when you try to get an uncoordinated hound dog up on a porch swing…

Cadence woke up Easter morning, and the first sounds we heard through the baby monitor were, “Bunny? Bunny? Hide eggs? He’s here! Bunny! Eggs!” So, we hopped out of bed, got her dressed and headed downstairs to investigate. By the back door, we found our empty egg carton, and Cadence was hot on the trail…

And here’s the little drama queen doing her best to squeeze out a tear when we headed back inside and she thought the fun was over.

But as soon as she found out that we get to open and peel all the eggs, she was happy as a clam again and ready to help Daddy…

Luckily, she managed to eat a couple hard boiled eggs and drink some milk before she discovered the candy in her basket…

But all bets were off when she found a Cadbury Egg. Looks like she inherited her parents’ Cadbury Egg addiction. First bite = heaven!

And we wrapped up the day in a chocolate coma, watching movies and baseball and playing with some new toys.

It was definitely a Happy Easter! 🙂


    1. Aww! Thank you so much! Yeah, that tear. If you don’t know her, it totally makes you melt. If you do know her, you’re more likely to applaud and nominate her for an Academy Award. 😉

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