Ever had one of those days where you see something that literally stops you in your tracks? Steven had a day like that today.

It didn’t start out all that differently than the rest, except that he took the minivan in to the mechanic for an oil change. He dropped the car off early, then set out on the bike path for a quick walk to work. Then, he saw this…

Yeah, you know, just a dude riding by on his bike…with a freakin’ cat on his shoulder!

Thank God Steven was quick enough with the camera phone or I might not have believed him. I mean, really, when do you EVER see that? And all I’m left with is a laundry list of questions that I probably would have stopped this guy to ask him if I had the chance. Questions like,

1. What’s your cat’s name?

2. How long have you been riding together?

3. Do you drive the dogs on the bike path crazy when you roll by?

4. How does your cat balance so well?

5. How did you first decide that your cat might like to go for a bike ride?

6.How many open wounds do you currently have in your shoulders? And does it make you nervous that you are just one spooked cat or bicycle accident away from a pierced jugular or punctured eyeball?

Seriously, this is only the tip of the iceberg folks. I’m pretty sure I’d keep this guy wrapped up answering questions for the better part of the afternoon.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to wonder, and keep my eyes open. And hopefully Steven will keep that camera ready. 🙂

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