So, I was trying to come up with something to blog about tonight (since there was nothing that happened today that was crazy, strange, or even slightly annoying), and Steven suggested that I go through some of the videos on the video camera to see if anything struck my fancy.

Talk about stepping into a time machine!

We bought the camera just days after Cadence was born, and spent hours recording random moments in her newborn life. After we moved, we stopped recording quite as much, but still managed to capture a whole slew of funny videos of our girl. We’ve got dance moves, vocal performances, milestones, even tantrums, and I just spent about two hours sitting here watching the clips and smiling and thinking how quickly my baby has grown.

And all I know is, we need to keep the video camera handy because there are some moments with Cadence that require full video and audio footage if you want to get the full effect. Like this one for instance…

Enjoy. 🙂

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